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foo fighters
Альбом: Wasting Light
Сингл: Rope
Альбом: Greatest Hits




Сингл: Resolve 01 - Resolve
02 - DOA (demo)
03 - World (demo)
04 - Born on the Bayou (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)

DOA (demo)

Oh you know I did it
It's over and I feel fine
Nothing you could say is gonna change my mind
Waiting and I wait at the longest night
Nothing like the taste of sweet decline

I was down, I fell, I fell so fast
Dropping like the grains in an hourglass
Never say forever cause nothing last
Dancing with the bones of my buried past

Nevermind there's nothing I can do
Bet your life there's something killing you

It's a shame we have to die my dear
No ones getting out of here, alive
This time

What a way to go, they have no fear
No ones getting out of here, alive
This time

Finished, I'm getting you off my chest
Made you come clean in a dirty dress
A promise is a promise you kept in check
Heart across a heart that beats it's best

Take a good hard look for the very last time
The very last one in a very long line
Only took a second to say goodbye
Then the pleasure 'bout the pleasure's
been mine, all mine

Ain't no way, DOA
Ain't no way, DOA

It's a shame we have to disappear
No ones getting out of here, alive
This time
This time
This time

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